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CLONE - Showing and hiding of grade items works



      For this test, while not necessary, it is helpful to have two browsers (ie Firefox and IE) or two computers so you can use Moodle as two separate users.

      Required: a course containing two or more grade items with at least one grade item containing a mark for at least one student. You'll need enough marks to get a course total for the student. Entering overridden grades is sufficient if necessary.

      Before beginning the test it is worth manually creating a grade item and giving the student a grade in it because visibility of grade items that are manually created can be controlled in the gradebook setup, while the other grade items usually have their visibility controlled by the activity they are associated with.

      To create a grade item:

      1. Log in as a teacher
      2. View the course course
      3. Click on the "grades" link in the course administration
      4. Click "gradebook setup" in grade administration > setup > gradebook setup
      5. Click add grade item

      You can then assign a mark to the student using the "grader report" from the grade administration.


      1. Go to "grade administration > setup > Gradebook setup" and make sure all grade items are visible (hidden items will be greyed out).
      2. As the student view the user report and verify that all grade items are visible. Make a note of the course total.
      3. View the student's overview report. Check that the course total matches the user report.
      4. As a teacher, in the Administration block, expand "Grade administration" and click "setup > Course grade settings".
      5. Check that both user report and overview report "Hide totals if they contain hidden items" are set to Hide.
      6. Return to the gradebook setup page and hide one grade item for which the student has a grade (using the edit action menu > hide).
      7. As the student reload the user report and verify that the grade item has been hidden. The course total should also have been hidden.
      8. As the student view the overview report and verify that the course total has been hidden.
      9. As the teacher return to the course grade settings page and set both overview and user report "Hide totals if they contain hidden items" to "show totals excluding hidden items".
      10. As the student reload both the user and overview report. The course total should be visible on both however the course total should be different than at step 2 due to the hidden grade item not being included in calculations.
      11. As the teacher return to the gradebook setup screen and unhide the grade item.
      12. As the student reload the user and overview report. Verify the user report is displaying the grade item and the both reports show the course total from step 2.

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