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A teacher can manually enrol users in the course



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      This test requires the manual enrolments plugin to be enabled by an administrator.

      1. Login as a teacher, access the course and follow the 'Enrolled users' in Course administration > Users
      2. Check that the Role dropdown menu has options consistent with the checkboxes ticked by an administrator in 'Allow role assignments' i.e. by default, student and non-editing teacher.
      3. Try selecting a user and assigning them the role of student, then selecting a different user and assigning them the role of non-editing teacher.
      4. Access the course participants page and check that the users are correctly enrolled in the course.
      5. Go back to Course administration > Users > Enrolled users, filter users by enrolment method
      6. Sort by 'Last access to course' and it works as expected
      7. Log in as admin and follow the link 'Other users' under Course administration > Users, this will show users who are not enrolled but can access course, like managers
      8. Assign roles to some users
      9. Ensure sorting users by First name, surname, email and last access works as expected.


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