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CLONE - A user can add a badge earned on Moodle to their Openbadges backpack



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      Note (1) This test requires a user to have an account on openbadges.org. The user must have an account on the Moodle site too.
      Note (2) Badges must be enabled in Administration>Site administration>Advanced features with the connection to external backpacks enabled in Administration>Site administration>Badges>Badges settings.
      Note (3) This test will not work on a local host Moodle; it must be online.

      1. As administrator, visit Administration>Site administration>Badges>Add a new badge.
      2. Add a new badge, setting the criteria as Manual issue by role and tick the 'Teacher' and 'Any of the selected roles' options.
      3. Click the Save button and then the Enable access button.
      4. Click 'Recipients' and then 'Award badge'. Select a student and awared them the badge.
      5. Log in as the student and visit User menu > Preferences > Manage Badges
      6.Verify that your badge is displayed and click on the badge.
      7. Click the button "Add to backpack"
      8.Verify you are prompted to log in to openbadges.org (if not already logged in) Log in
      9.Click "yes" to accept the badge.
      10.Go to http://backpack.openbadges.org/ and verify your Moodle badge displays there.


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