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CLONE - A teacher can set Require time spent as a completion condition in a Lesson


      Note: This test requires teacher and student access to a course. Completion tracking must be enabled in Course administration>Edit settings

      1) As a teacher, create a short lesson, setting "Retakes allowed = Yes" and setting Activity completion to "Show activity as complete when conditions are met > Require time spent>Student must do this activity at least for 3 minutes"
      2) Add a question page and content page to the lesson.
      3) Log in as a student and do the lesson in under the required time.
      4) Verify that at the end of the lesson you get a message You completed this lesson in ..... which is less than the required time of 3 mins. You might need to attempt the lesson again.
      5) Verify the completion box is not ticked on the course page
      6) Do the lesson again, this time for the minimum time (eg 3 minutes)
      7) Verify that at the end of the lesson you get a success message.
      8) Verify the completion box is ticked on the course page.

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