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CLONE - A teacher can create, edit and preview a Drag and drop onto image question


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      1. Login as a teacher and go to the question bank in a course.
      2. Click the 'Create a new question' box and select "Drag and drop onto image".
      3. Add a title and description and upload a background image, preferably approx 600x400
      4. From Draggable items / Draggable item one, add a small image no more than 100x150 and add text
      5. Repeat for Draggable items 2 and 3 so you have three images for your question..
      6. Click the 'Save changes and continue editing' button.
      7. In Drop zones 1 2 and 3 select your three images and add text
      8. Go to the Preview section and move the images to their correct place on the background image
      9. In Drop zones, check there are now coordinates in the 3 drop zones
      10. Click the 'Save changes' button.
      11. Preview the question, checking that everything is displayed correctly, and that your responses are graded correctly with a range of behaviours.

            Wanjar Wanja Kimandi
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