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CLONE - Students can reply to discussion posts by e-mail


      Test Pre-Requisites
      1. An otherwise unused e-mail account which supports:
        1. IMAP
        2. Sub-Addresses
      2. Working SMTP configuration for Moodle
      3. A course, with at least one student enrolled (the student must have a working e-mail address that you can check)
      4. Access to run cron
      Test setup
      1. Login as administrator
      2. Open Site administration -> Server -> Incoming mail configuration -> Mail settings
      3. Enter your mailbox configuration:
        1. Mailbox name: The bit before the @ on the e-mail address you would use to send e-mail to. For example, jammydodger in jammydodger@example.com
        2. Email domain: The bit after the @ on the e-mail address you would use to send e-mail to. For example, example.com in jammydodger@example.com
      4. Enter your Incoming mail server settings
        1. Incoming Mail Server: The IMAP server name
        2. Use SSL: Server-dependent
        3. Username: The username required to log on to this IMAP server
        4. Password: The password required to log on to this IMAP server
        5. Click Save changes
      5. Open Site administration -> Server -> Email -> Message handlers
      6. Click the Edit icon beside "Reply to forum post"
        1. Place a tick beside "Enabled"
        2. Ensure that "Validate sender address" is disabled
        3. Click Save changes
      Test procedure
      1. Login as an editing teacher and navigate to the course you created for this test
      2. Create a new discussion forum with automatic subscription
      3. Post a new discussion in this forum:
        1. Ensure that you check the "Send forum post notifications with no editing-time delay" option
      4. Run cron
      5. Check the e-mail account of your student user
        1. Confirm that you received a notification about the new forum post
        2. Confirm that the reply address for the e-mail is in for correct format:
          1. It contains the mailbox name specified above
          2. Followed by a plus sign
          3. Followed by the Email domain specified bove
      6. Reply to the e-mail with some content
      7. Run Cron
        1. Confirm that the output does not list any errors and that the e-mail was processed
      8. Navigate to the forum and refresh the discussion
        1. Confirm that the new discussion post was added

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