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CLONE - A teacher can restore a deleted activity from recycle bin


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    • Moodle 3.8
    • Moodle 3.8
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      1. Log in as teacher and go to a course.
      2. Ensure you don't see 'Recycle bin' link either via the gear menu or in the Administration. block (depending upon your theme).
      3. Turn editing on and add an activity e.g. a forum, and click the 'Save and return to course' button.
      4. Delete the activity.
      5. Verify that you now see a 'Recycle bin' link either via the gear menu or in the Administration block (depending upon your theme). Note that the 'Recycle bin' link only appears after the cron has run, so you may need to wait a moment and then refresh the page.
      6. Follow the 'Recycle bin' link and verify that the deleted activity is listed.
      7. Click Restore and verify that the message ' {Activity_NAME}

        has been restored.' is displayed.

      8. Return to the course page and verify that the activity is shown.

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