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CLONE - A teacher can set a quiz to be interactive with multiple tries


      This test requires a quiz containing several questions.

      1. Login as a teacher, edit the settings for the quiz and set how questions behave to 'Interactive with multiple tries'.
      2. Edit a question and add hint 1 and hint 2 text.
      3. Login as a student and attempt the quiz.
      4. Check that after submitting a wrong answer, and reading the feedback, you have to click the 'Try again' button before you can try a new response.
      5. Check that once you have answered a question correctly, you can no longer change your response.
      6. Try repeatedly answering a question wrongly and check you are graded appropriately and get shown the feedback and can no longer change your answer.
      7. For the question with hints, check that hint 1 and hint 2 are shown after repeatedly answering the question wrongly.

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