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CLONE - A teacher can import database activity entries including author details


      Test requirements:

      • A database activity in which several students have added entries.

      Test steps:

      1. Log in as a teacher, go to the database activity and export the entries as a CSV file, leaving 'Include user details' un-ticked.
      2. Open the CSV file, change the entries and add a new entry then save the file.
      3. Import the entries via the CSV file.
      4. Check that all entries are imported as expected, with the teacher shown as author of the entries.
      5. Repeat steps 1 - 3, this time with 'Include user details' ticked, and changing user details in the CSV file (using user data for existing user accounts).
      6. Check that all entries are imported as expected, with users shown as authors of entries as specified in the CSV file.

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