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CLONE - An assignment can be graded using rubric


      This test requires an assignment (of any type) with rubric as the grading method and with at least two student submissions.

      1. Log in as a teacher, access the assignment and click the 'View x submitted assignments' link.
      2. Click the grade link opposite a student.
      3. Click a level for just one criterion, check that the box turns green then click the 'Save changes' button.
      4. Check that you are prompted to choose a level for each criterion and do so, then save the changes.
      5. Check that the student has been given a grade.
      6. Click the update link opposite the student.
      7. Try changing the level of a criterion and check that the previously selected level turns red.
      8. Log out then log in as the student, access the assignment and check that rubric is displayed with the levels selected by the teacher highlighted in green.
      9. Disable JavaScript in your web browser and then repeat steps 1 to 8.

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