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A teacher can upload and edit H5P files in the content bank



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      This test requires 2 users with the role of teacher in a course.

      Some H5P files are attached to help with testing.

      1. Log in as teacher1 and go to the course.
      2. Go to "Content bank" in the navigation block under Site pages (for classic theme) or drawer (for boost theme).
      3. Confirm the content bank is empty.
      4. Click on the Upload button.
      5. Upload an H5P file and 'Save changes'.
      6. Confirm that the H5P file is shown in the content bank.
      7. Click on the "Edit" button, change some of the fields then click the "Save" button.
      8. Confirm that the H5P file displays the changes just made.
      9. Log out then log in as teacher2 and go to the course.
      10. Confirm that the H5P file uploaded by teacher1 is displayed.
      11. Click on the Upload button.
      12. Upload another H5P file and 'Save changes'.
      13. Confirm that the H5P file is shown in the content bank.
      14. Go to "Content bank" link in the breadcrumbs.
      15. Confirm that both H5P files are displayed.


        1. accordion.h5p
          530 kB
          Amaia Anabitarte
        2. arithmetic-quiz.h5p
          758 kB
          Amaia Anabitarte
        3. chart.h5p
          110 kB
          Amaia Anabitarte
        4. filltheblanks.h5p
          699 kB
          Amaia Anabitarte
        5. findthewords.h5p
          617 kB
          Amaia Anabitarte

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