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A teacher can see the students attempts in the H5P activity


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      This is an exploratory test of a new feature or improvement, so please feel free to try anything you like and not just the test steps!

      1. If you are testing in https://qa.moodledemo.net/ just login as a teacher. If you are running on you local instance login as admin for the firsts steps to avoid H5P Libraries deployment messages.
      2. Create/Go to a course with at least two students enrolled and create an H5P activity named "H5P quiz"using the provided H5P file big-quiz-example-11.h5p (leave the rest of settings with the default options)
      3. Display the activity once and check that the H5P contest is displayed (can take a while if H5P libraries are not deployed)
      4. Log out and login as the first student
      5. Go to the H5P quiz activity and do one attempt failing all the questions (the correct answers are at the end of the of the description)
      6. Once the score is displayed, click on the "Retry button" to do a second attempt. This time solve all questions with the correct answers to have a 100% score.
      7. Once submitted, refresh the page and check that a link "View my attempts" appear on top of the H5P content. Click on it and check that you see two table in the report. The first table has the Highest score attempt with the attempt with max score. The second table titled "All user attempts"  has both two attempts. Check that the attempts information is correct. This means
        1. One attempt has score 0 and the other score 11
        2. Both have max score 11 and completion tick
        3. Both have some duration
        4. Only the score 11 has a success tick
      8. In the "All user attempts" click on the "view report" of the first attempt (score 0). Check that all 5 questions appears with "score: 0 out of X" (where X is any number) and that all questions have a column "Correct answer" with the correct options and an "Attempt answer" with the options you mark.
      9. Logout and login as the teacher
      10. Access the H5P quiz activity and Check that you have a "View all attempts (2 submitted)" above the H5P content.
      11. Go to the "View all attempts" report  and check that you see a participants table with the course participants and that only the first student has values on the Date, score ("100%") and Attempts ("View user attempt(2)")
      12. Click on the first student "View user attempts(2)" link. Check that the tables information is the same as the steps 9 and 10.
      13. Click on the "View report" link in the "Highest score attempt". Check that all 5 questions appears and that all of them have "Score X of X" (where X is any number) and that in all cases the correct answer columns have the same text as the attempt answer column


      Quiz correct answers:

      • Question 1 (mult choice): "This is a correct answer" and "This is also a correct answer"
      • Question 2 (drag & drop): Drag "Drop item A" in "Drop zone A" and drag "Drop item B" in "Drop zone B"
      • Question 3 (missing words): gap 1 is "first" and gap 2 is "second"
      • Question 4 (mark the words): there are four smurf/smurfy words
      • Question 5 (true/false): the correct answer id "true"


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