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CLONE - In a chat activity, students can have a real-time synchronous discussion



    • Functional Test
    • Minor
    • Moodle 3.10
    • Moodle 3.10
    • Chat, Student
    • None


      This test requires the following filters to be enabled (as they are by default):

      • Display emoticons as images
      • Convert URLs into links and images
      1. Log in as student1 and access a chat activity.
      2. Click to enter the chat and add a chat message containing an emoticon e.g. .
      3. Log in as student2, perhaps using a different browser, and access the chat activity.
      4. Click to enter the chat and check that the message from student1 is displayed correctly.
      5. Add a chat message containing a URL e.g. http://moodle.org.
      6. Check that the message is displayed correctly with the URL converted into a link.
      7. Add a chat message "/me laughs!"
      8. Check that the message is displayed as "Sam laughs!" (where Sam is the name of the student).
      9. Add a chat message "<em>Text in italics</em>".
      10. Check that the message is displayed in italics.
      11. Add a chat message "<b>Text in bold</b>"
      12. Check that the message is displayed in bold.
      13. Try switching to each of the different themes.
      14. Check that the chat is displayed nicely in each theme.


        1. bubble chrome.png
          63 kB
          Helen Foster
        2. bubble firefox.png
          50 kB
          Helen Foster
        3. compact chrome.png
          39 kB
          Helen Foster
        4. compact firefox.png
          40 kB
          Helen Foster
        5. course theme chrome.png
          37 kB
          Helen Foster
        6. course theme firefox.png
          37 kB
          Helen Foster
        7. Step1.png
          50 kB
          AL Rachels
        8. Step10.png
          88 kB
          AL Rachels
        9. Step11.png
          44 kB
          AL Rachels
        10. Step12.png
          90 kB
          AL Rachels
        11. Step13and14-1CourseTheme.png
          39 kB
          AL Rachels
        12. Step13and14-2.png
          34 kB
          AL Rachels
        13. Step13and14-3CompactFail.png
          187 kB
          AL Rachels
        14. Step13and14PassingUsingallthreethemes.png
          197 kB
          AL Rachels
        15. Step2.png
          33 kB
          AL Rachels
        16. Step3.png
          54 kB
          AL Rachels
        17. Step4.png
          46 kB
          AL Rachels
        18. Step5and6.png
          37 kB
          AL Rachels
        19. Step7.png
          33 kB
          AL Rachels
        20. Step8.png
          92 kB
          AL Rachels
        21. Step9.png
          41 kB
          AL Rachels
        22. TestRequirements.png
          71 kB
          AL Rachels

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