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CLONE - Overriding a grade prevents grade updating in the activity


      For this test you will need an assignment with online text enabled.

      1. As a student submit the assignment.
      2. As a teacher grade the submission within the assignment interface and verify that the student's grade appears in the grader report.
      3. In the grader report turn editing on and change the grade you just set.
      4. The grade should be updated and the background color of the cell should change to indicate that the grade has been overriden.
      5. Return to the assignment and check that you can no longer alter the grade. The grade selector should be disabled and a link to the grader report provided.
      6. Go back to the grader report, turn editing on and click the single-view edit icon (a pencil) for the assignment.
      7. Uncheck the overidden checkbox and press save.
      8. Return to the grader report and verify that it now displays the student's original grade.
      9. Return to the assignment and verify that you can now alter the grade.

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        2. 2 Grade in Graderreport.png
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        3. 3 Grade override.png
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        4. 4 Override locks grade in assignment interface.png
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        5. 5 Single View Displays Override.png
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        6. 6 Override Removed.png
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        7. 7 Override Removal Saved.png
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        8. 8 Assignment Interface now open to grading with original grade displayed.png
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        9. 9 Originnal grade displayed in grader report.png
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