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CLONE - A user with appropriate permissions can access files on the server


      This test requires a course containing several files and for the server files repository to be enabled.

      1. Log in as a teacher, go to the course and add a new file resource.
      2. Click the Add button select a file then in the file picker choose Server files.
      3. Browse to the course and check that all the files used in the course are displayed.
      4. Check that for courses where the user is not a teacher no files are displayed.
      5. Select a file and then save and display the file resource.
      6. Check that the file is displayed correctly.

        1. 7 No Files for Course Not Enrolled In.png
          7 No Files for Course Not Enrolled In.png
          123 kB
        2. 6 Unenroll from Course.png
          6 Unenroll from Course.png
          14 kB
        3. 5 Files for Course Enrolled In.png
          5 Files for Course Enrolled In.png
          132 kB
        4. 4 Server Repository.png
          4 Server Repository.png
          30 kB
        5. 3 Add File.png
          3 Add File.png
          5 kB
        6. 2 Add File Resource.png
          2 Add File Resource.png
          20 kB
        7. 1 Editing.png
          1 Editing.png
          9 kB

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