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CLONE - A teacher can change the maximum mark of an assignment




      This test requires two assignments with a point grade type and maximum points of 100 set to use a marking guide, one with marking complete, the other unmarked.

      1. Log in as a teacher and go to the marked assignment.
      2. Go to Assignment administration > Advanced grading > Define marking guide and change the maximum marks total to 50.
      3. Check that you see a warning message "You are about to save changes to a marking guide that has already been used for grading. Please indicate if existing grades need to be reviewed. If you set this then the marking guide will be hidden from students until their item is regraded." and a list box with options "Mark for regrade" and "Do not mark for regrade".
      4. Choose "Do not mark for regrade" and check that the marks for the marking guide are not changed, but maximum marks are changed to 50.
      5. Repeat the steps for the unmarked assignment checking that there no warning message.


        1. 1 one graded and one ungraded Marking Guide assignment.png
          44 kB
          John Provasnik
        2. 2 graded assignmennt total marks changed to 50.png
          113 kB
          John Provasnik
        3. 3 Warning Message Appears and Do Not Mark is chosen.png
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          John Provasnik
        4. 4A Scored value did not change.png
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          John Provasnik
        5. 4B Assigment total value is still 100.png
          28 kB
          John Provasnik
        6. 4C Assigment total marks is 50.png
          113 kB
          John Provasnik
        7. 5 ungraded assignmennt total marks changed to 50.png
          115 kB
          John Provasnik
        8. 6 No warning message when Ungraded assignment marks saved.png
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          John Provasnik



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