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CLONE - Edit a marking guide and mark for regrade




      Test Pre-requisites:

      • An existing assignment set to use a marking guide with a complete guide defined, and some marking completed.
      • The marking guide must include at least two values for Frequently used comments and two criterion, adding up to a total score of 100.
      • Unless otherwise specified testing should be performed as a teacher user.

      Test steps:
      1. Open the marking guide for editing
      2. Change the order and text of the frequently used comments on the marking guide
      3. Save the marking guide
      4. View existing marking records and check that nothing has changed
      5. Open the marking guide for editing
      6. Change the name of the marking guide
      7. Change the description of the marking guide
      8. Change the name of a criterion
      9. Change the descriptions for students of a criterion
      10. Change the descriptions for markers of a criterion
      11. Change the maximum mark allowed for both criterion, making sure that the total marks across all criteria still add up to the maximum mark defined for the assignment
      12. Save the marking guide
      13. Check that a warning has appeared telling you that this marking guide has already been used for marking and that you are presented with two options ('Mark for regrade', 'Do not mark for regrade')
      14. Select the option 'Mark for regrade' and click 'Continue'
      15. Log in as a student whose submission had been marked
      16. Check that the student cannot see their individual comments and marks related to the marking guide, but that the unchanged grade remains visible
      17. Log back in as the teacher and regrade the student's submission
      18. Login as the student whose submission has just been marked
      19. Check that the student can now see their individual comments and marks related to the marking guide


        1. 1A Marking Guide.png
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        2. 1B Two criterion addign up to 100 marks with three comments.png
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          John Provasnik
        3. 1C Two submissions but only One graded.png
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          John Provasnik
        4. 2A new order of comments.png
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        5. 2B warning message appears.png
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        6. 2C No chagne to existing content.png
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        7. 3 New Name and Description for marking guide.png
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        8. 4 Updated Criterion information and values still total 100.png
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        9. 5 warning message appears.png
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          John Provasnik
        10. 6 Student cannot see individual comments or marks - Unchanged grade is visible.png
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        11. 7 Teacher Regraded Student.png
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        12. 8 Student Can see individual grades and comments.png
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