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    • Moodle 3.10
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      This test requires a Moodle site using an RTL language.

      1. Add a course to Moodle.
      2. Add a teacher.
      3. Add multiple students.
      4. Add a manager.
      5. Assign front page roles for the users entered above.
      6. Enrol the users created above in the course created above with the correct permissions.
      7. As the teacher add one of each activity and resource to the course created above.
      8. As one of the students access each activity and resource:
        • post on a forum,
        • complete an activity,
        • complete a quiz.
      9. As the teacher grade any completed activities.

      Using Boost theme only:

      1. Expand and collapse the navigation drawer and verify that the main content expands to fill the available space.

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