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CLONE - A teacher can set a database activity URL to link automatically and open in a new window


      1. Log into a course as an editing teacher and turn on the editing.
      2. Add a database activity.
      3. Add a URL field, but do not tick the 'Autolink' and 'Open in new window' checkboxes.
      4. Go to the 'Templates' tab and save the default template
      5. Click the tab "Add a new entry" and add a URL, for example www.moodle.org.
      6. Save and view the entry.
      7. Check the URL is not automatically linked.
      8. Go back to the fields tab, and edit the field created above. This time select 'Autolink the URL' and 'Open link in new window'.
      9. Save and display the entry.
      10. Check that the URL is automatically linked.
      11. Check that the URL opens in a new window or tab according to your browser.

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