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CLONE - A user can retrieve files from MS OneDrive


      This test requires the Microsoft OneDrive repository to be enabled, including entering a client ID and secret to configure the OAuth 2 Microsoft service, as described in the documentation OneDrive repository and OAuth 2 Microsoft service.

      The test also requires the tester to have access to a MS OneDrive account and needs a course with a teacher and student enrolled.

      1. Make sure that your OneDrive account has at least three folders with at least one document file (eg pdf) one image, one sound and one video file (eg mp3 and wmv).
      2. Log in to a course as a teacher and create a standard forum, checking you can attach at least 5 files. Add a new discussion topic.
      3. Click the image icon in the text editor; select MS OneDrive and log in.
      4. Verify you can select an image from a folder and add it.
      5.In the Attachment box, click Add and select MS OneDrive again.
      6. Click into a different folder and add a document file.
      7. Verify the file has the appropriate thumbnail.
      8.Post to forum; verify the image is embedded and the file appears downloadable.
      9. Click 'Add an activity or resource' and select File.
      10. From the MS OneDrive select the video file with 'force download'.
      11. Repeat steps 9-10 with the sound file.
      12. Log in as a student; verify the files have appropriate thumbnails and that you can download the document from the forum and the media files as file resources.

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