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CLONE - A user can choose a text editor from their Preferences page.


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    • Moodle 3.10
    • Moodle 3.10
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      This test requires the ATTO text editor to be set as the top editor in Site administration>Plugins>Text editors>Manage editors.

      1) Log in as a user and go to the user menu top right>Preferences
      2) In the User account section, click Editor preferences
      3) From the 'Text editor' drop down, select TinyMCE HTML editor and click Update profile.
      4) Access your profile again from the user menu>Profile and click Edit profile. Scroll to the description.
      5) Verify you now see the TinyMCE editor.
      6) Return to the 'Text editor' drop down, select Plain text area and click Update profile.
      7) Repeat step 4 and verify you see a plain text area with a drop down to choose a format.
      8) From the 'Text editor' drop down, select Default editor and click Update profile.
      9) Repeat step 4 and verify you see the ATTO editor again.

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