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CLONE - An admin can create cohorts and upload users into them with a csv file



    • Functional Test
    • Status: Passed
    • Minor
    • Moodle 3.10
    • Moodle 3.10
    • Administration, Cohorts
    • None


      This test requires admin access to a Moodle site. It also requires a csv file for uploading users and creating cohorts. A file has been provided for this test.

      1) As admin, go to Site administration>Users>Upload users
      2) Add the attached csv file called 'userandcohorts_QAtests'
      3) Preview it and upload it, leaving all settings as default.
      4) Verify that the new users have been created.
      5) Now go to Site administration>Users>Cohorts and look at the System cohorts.
      6) Verify that three cohorts have been created: November, December and January.
      7) Verify that the cohort size for November and December is 2 and the cohort size for January says 1.
      8) Click the Assign users icon in the Edit column of the November cohort to verify it contains Bob and Bill.
      9) Click the Edit icon in the Edit column of the November cohort and add image in description, ensure image is saved properly.


        1. image-2020-10-16-15-31-52-046.png
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          Luiggi Sansonetti
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          Luiggi Sansonetti
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          Luiggi Sansonetti
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          Luiggi Sansonetti
        5. image-2020-10-16-15-36-29-873.png
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          Luiggi Sansonetti
        6. usersandcohorts_QAtest.txt
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          Helen Foster

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