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CLONE - A teacher can copy and paste grades from a spreadsheet into the gradebook


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    • Moodle 3.10
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      This test requires a course with a gradebook containing a few grade items (either from activities such as assignments or manually created grade items).

      1. Log in as a teacher and go to the course gradebook.
      2. Try exporting the gradebook either as an OpenDocument or an Excel spreadsheet.
      3. Download the spreadsheet, open it and add or edit some grades, then save the spreadsheet.
      4. Return to the course gradebook and click the 'Paste from spreadsheet' link under Import.
      5. Copy and paste the data from the spreadsheet into the data box in the form.
      6. Click the 'Upload grades' button.
      7. Check that the grades shown in the import preview are correct.
      8. Set column mappings appropriately and click the 'Upload grades' button.
      9. Check that the grades are correctly uploaded.

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