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CLONE - Admin can set SMTP server to specify SSL or TLS


      NOTE: You need an SMTP server that accepts TLS or SSL only

      1. Specify the full SMTP hostname:port in "Site administration -> Server -> Email -> Outgoing mail configuration" e.g.: smtp.gmail.com:587
      2. Set SMTP security to TLS or SSL (depending on SMTP server) e.g: TLS
      3. Set other fields if necessary, e.g.: Google SMTP Server:
        • SMTP Auth Type: LOGIN
        • SMTP username: <youremail>@gmail.com
        • SMTP password: <yourpassword>
          • Attention if you use 2-factor authentication you must generate an "App password" and provide this as password
      4. Send a test message to check outgoing mail configuration inĀ "Site administration -> Server -> Email -> Test outgoing mail configuration"
      5. Open up /login/forgot_password.php in browser and trigger a password reset email
      6. Ensure mail is sent properly

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