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CLONE - Grader report headers are visible with scrolling window


      This test requires a medium size course, with around 30 activities and 50 enrolled users, such as the course Activity examples on the QA testing site.

      Please test in more than one browser and mention in a comment which ones you've used.

      Please test also with at least one RTL language such as Arabic or Hebrew.

      1. Log in as a teacher and go to the course, then the gradebook.
      2. Move/scroll around the gradebook and confirm:
        • that you can always see the row header and columns
        • that the columns and grades line up with the correct user and activity
        • that floating headers appear at the 'correct' times:
          • The left headers should be visible all time time
          • The footer should always be available if it is present
          • The header should always be visible
          • The various left headers (Overall Average, Controls, and Range if enabled) are always visible
      3. Turn editing on
        • Reconfirm above works.
      4. Turn editing off
      5. Edit the preferences, and enable AJAX editing (Grade administration > Setup > Preferences: Grader report)
      6. Scroll into the middle of the course to ensure that all of the floating headers are visible and floating
      7. Click into a cell
        • Confirm that the cell is replaced with an input field
        • Confirm that the floating column header resized to fit the new width
      8. Inspect the input field and add some more height to the class - e.g.

        .gradeparent .text {
          height: 50px;

      9. Click into another field
        • Confirm that the input field is nice and large again
        • Confirm that the height of the floating username cell was updated too

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