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CLONE - A student can view upcoming Database activities in the Timeline block




      This test requires a course with a teacher and student enrolled.

      Tip: It is easiest to run this test using two browsers - one where you are logged in as the teacher and the other where you are logged in as the student. After updating the activity settings as the teacher, refresh the browser for the student to view the changes.

      1. Log in as the teacher, go to a course and add or edit a Database activity
      2. Try setting various 'Available from' and 'Available to' dates to dates in the past and in the future.
      3. Each time, after saving the changes, log in as the student and verify that the Timeline block on the Dashboard displays a link to the Database activity only when it is available, with the correct date and time for when it closes.
      4. Log in as the teacher, edit the Database settings, and unset 'Available from' and 'Available to'.
      5. Log in as a student and verify that the Database activity is not displayed in in the Timeline block.


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