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CLONE - A teachers can get insights for their course


      Test environment:

      1. Log in as admin
      2. Create a new topics course with start date the 1st of last month and end date in 5 or 10 minutes (basically the time you need to follow this step below)
      3. Assign multiple users as student to the course, log in as one of the students and generate 10 logs or more (e.g. access the course page, access the forum, check participants...) in that course
      4. Assign a user as a teacher to the course
      5. Log in as the teacher user go to "User menu > Preferences > Notification preferences". Enable web notifications for "Insights generated by prediction models" notifications
      6. Log back as an admin
      7. Go to "Site admin > Analytics > Analytics settings" and disable "Analytics processes execution via command line only" setting


      1. Log in as a manager and go to 'Analytics models' in the Site administration.
      2. For 'Students who have not accessed the course yet' select 'Edit' in the Actions column, tick 'Enabled' and select 'One week after start' as 'Analysis interval'. Save changes.
      3. For 'Students who have not accessed the course yet' select 'Execute scheduled analysis' in the Actions column.
      4. Scroll down the page listing info and click the continue button.
      5. For Students who have not accessed the course yet' choose the course you created before from the Insights column drop-down.
      6. Log in as a teacher you enrolled in the course.
      7. Verify that you have a notification about the new insight.
      8. View the notification and click the link.
      9. Verify that the link takes you to the insights page.
      10. Mark one of the predictions as 'Not applicable' by selecting it in the Actions drop-down menu.
      11. Verify that the prediction marked as 'Not applicable' is no longer listed.
      12. Go to the course main page and select More... from the gears menu.
      13. Click the Insights link under Reports and verify that you are again taken to the insights page.

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