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CLONE - Media files can be played using the VideoJS player


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      This test requires:

      • A course such as Marvellous media players on the QA testing site, which contains lots of different media types, with at least one user enrolled in it
      • The site should have at least one other language installed from the list video.js/lang/
      • Vimeo media player should be enabled in 'Manage media players' in the Site administration
      • 'Use Flash fallback' should be enabled in the VideoJS player settings in the Site administration

      Please test in as many browsers as possible, including at least one mobile browser and at least one browser with Flash installed, and mention in a comment which browsers you've used.

      1. Log in as a user and go to the course.
      2. Verify that all videos and audio files play correctly, except for the FLV file which will only play in a browser with Flash installed.
      3. For the HTML5 embedded file, verify that you can show captions and jump to chapters.
      4. Change interface language and verify that the video player buttons are displayed in the selected language (enough to check in just one browser).
      5. Repeat the test using several different browsers.

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          Mathew May
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          Mathew May
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