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CLONE - Assignments with various due dates appear correctly in the Timeline block




      This test requires a course with a teacher and student enrolled.

      Please test in more than one browser and mention in a comment which ones you've used.

      1. Log in as the teacher and create several assignment activities with varying due dates from the recent past to 6 months in the future.
      2. Log in as the student in the course.
      3. Verify that the Timeline block on your dashboard displays all assignments due in the next 30 days.
      4. Try changing the filter in the Timeline block to display activities due in the next 7 days, next 3 months and next 6 months.
      5. In each case, verify that the assignments are displayed as expected.
      6. Try changing the filter to display all activities.
      7. Verify that all assignments are displayed.
      8. Try changing the filter to display overdue activities.
      9. Verify that only overdue assignments are displayed.


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          Mathew May
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          Mathew May
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          Mathew May
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          Mathew May
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          Mathew May

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