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CLONE - A student can view in progress, future, past and starred courses in the course overview


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      This test requires at least 4 courses - two in progress, one with the start date in the future and one with the end date in the past - and a student who is enrolled in all of the courses.

      Please test in more than one browser and mention in a comment which ones you've used.

      1. Log in as the student and go to the Dashboard.
      2. Verify that all the courses are displayed in the course overview.
      3. Try changing the display to In progress, Future and Past.
      4. In each case verify that the correct course or courses are displayed.
      5. Try marking one or more courses as starred (via the ... icon), then change the display to Starred.
      6. Verify that only starred courses are displayed.
      7. Go to one of the in progress courses then return to the Dashboard.
      8. Sort by last accessed and verify that the course you just entered is displayed first.

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