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CLONE - A teacher can create an access controlled link to a file in Nextcloud


      This test requires:

      • A Nextcloud test site, such as a Nextcloud instant demo site (valid for 60 minutes) from Try Nextcloud, and 3 Nextcloud accounts, one for the site admin, one for the teacher and one for the student
      • A Moodle test site with an OAuth 2 Nextcloud service¬†and the Nextcloud repository¬†enabled.

      The QA testing site may be used for running this test, though you'll need admin access (see the QA testing guide for details of how to request admin access) in order to set up the Nextcloud service and enable the Nextcloud repository. Begin just after the hourly reset to give yourself plenty of time to complete the test! Alternatively, you can use your own Moodle test site.

      1. Log in as an admin and go to Site administration > Server > OAuth 2 services.
      2. Connect the account to a system account. If prompted in Nextcloud, log in with the admin account.
      3. Go to Site administration > Plugins > Repositories > Manage repositories.
      4. Enable the Nextcloud repository and click on the settings link.
      5. Click 'Create a repository instance'.
      6. Enter a name and make sure it is connected to the Nextcloud service.
      7. Log out of the Nextcloud admin account.
      8. Log in to Moodle as a teacher and go to a course.
      9. Create a file resource.
      10. In the file picker, select Nextcloud and log in with the teacher account.
      11. Choose a file and select 'Create an access controlled link to the file' then save the file resource.
      12. Log out of the Nextcloud teacher account.
      13. Log in to Nextcloud with the student account.
      14. Log in to Moodle as a student in the course and check that you can download the file.
      15. Enter Nextcloud and verify that the file you just downloaded exists in the Moodlefiles folder (and was shared with you by the system account).

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