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CLONE - A student can star messages or delete them


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      This test requires at least 2 user accounts, student1 and student2, who are both enrolled in the same course.

      1. Log in as student1, open the messaging drawer and search for student2.
      2. Verify that student2 is listed as a non-contact.
      3. Click on their name then try sending them 2 messages.
      4. Verify that the conversation is displayed correctly.
      5. Log out then log in as student2 and open the messaging drawer.
      6. Verify that Messages (1) is displayed with a '2' opposite.
      7. View the conversation then click 'Star'.
      8. Verify that a star is displayed next to student1's name.
      9. Verify that the number of starred conversations has increased by 1 and that it contains the conversation from student1.
      10. View the conversation again then click 'Unstar'.
      11. Verify that the star is no longer displayed and that Starred (0) is displayed in the messaging drawer.
      12. View the conversation from student1 once again and click 'Delete conversation'.
      13. Confirm delete then verify that Messages (0) is displayed in the messaging drawer.
      14. Log out then log in as student1 again and open the messaging drawer.
      15. Verify that Messages (1) is displayed and that it contains the messages sent to student2.

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