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CLONE - A user can display a Badgr badge collection in their profile




      This test requires 2 test user accounts on https://badgr.io - one for use by the admin (let's call it the 'Badgr admin account') and one for use by an ordinary user (let's call it the 'Badgr user account'). The Badgr user account should have obtained at least one badge which is in a public collection. (This should only take a matter of minutes to do.)

      This test also requires a Moodle site which can send emails. (The QA testing site can't be used, as sending of emails is disabled.)

      1. Log in as admin, go to Site administration / Badges / Backpack settings and set the site backpack to https://badgr.io.
      2. Go to Site administration / Badges / Badges settings and set the badge issuer email address to the Badgr admin account email.
      3. Go to Site administration / Badges / Manage backpacks, edit the settings for the badgr.io backpack and enter the Badgr admin account password.
      4. Log out then log in as a user.
      5. In the user menu (top right), select Preferences, then 'Backpack settings' under Badges.
      6. Enter the Badgr user account email and password.
      7. Look in your mailbox for a verification email and copy & paste the link to verify your connection to the backpack.
      8. Select the badge collection you wish to display.
      9. Verify that in 'My badges from other websites' you now see your badge from Badgr.


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