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CLONE - A teacher can set their MoodleNet profile


      This test requires the MoodleNet integration to be enabled in the site administration and a MoodleNet profile for use in testing, such as @moodleqatester@home.moodle.net

      1. Log in as a teacher, go to a course and turn editing on.
      2. Click on the 'Add an activity' link then click on the 'or browse for content on MoodleNet' link in the footer.
      3. Verify that the modal window shows a form where you can enter your MoodleNet profile.
      4. Enter an invalid profile e.g. qwerty and click 'Save and go'.
      5. Verify that you get the response 'Please enter a valid MoodleNet profile'.
      6. Enter a valid MoodleNet profile and click 'Save and go'.
      7. Once successful (confirmed with a "Looks good!" message and a redirect), go back to your Moodle site.
      8. Go to your profile page and in the 'User details', verify that your MoodleNet profile is correct.

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