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CLONE - As a teacher I want to edit H5P content I'm using and make a copy


      This is an exploratory test of a new feature or improvement, so please feel free to try anything you like and not just the test steps!

      Some H5P files attached to help with the testing.


      We need some H5P content types installed (QA site has those content types installed).

      1. As an admin, go to "Content bank" in the navigation block > site pages (for classic theme) or drawer (for boost theme).
      2. Click on the Upload button.
      3. Upload "arithmetic-quiz.h5p" file and 'Save changes'.
      4. Verify the "arithmetic-quiz.h5p" element is shown.
      5. Repeat 3 and 4 for the rest of the content types you want to use.


      1. Login as a teacher.
      2. Go to a course where you are enrolled as a teacher.
      3. Go to "Content bank" in the navigation block > Site pages (for classic theme) or drawer (for boost theme).
      4. Click on the Upload button.
      5. Upload "arithmetic-quiz.h5p" file and 'Save changes'.
      6. Confirm the "arithmetic-quiz.h5p" element is shown.
      7. Return to the course and turn editing on
      8. Create a H5P activity using the following settings
        • Name: h5p activity
        • Package file: select the arithmetic-quiz.h5p from the content bank repository and select "Make a copy of the file" when selecting the file
      9. Click "Save and display"
      10. Check the content is displayed with no errors
      11. Go the course content bank and click on the arithmetic-quiz.h5p content
      12. Click in the edit button
      13. Change some of the fields, e.g. "Title" and "Intro" and Save
      14. Confirm the title field value is in the page header and the fields you modified in step 17 are correctly rendered.
      15. Click on the "Close" button.
      16. Go back to the H5P activity in the course.
      17. Confirm the changes you made in the content are not applied.

        1. accordion.h5p
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        2. arithmetic-quiz.h5p
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        3. changesnotapplied.png
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        4. chart.h5p
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        5. Contentbank1.png
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        6. CopyH5p.png
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        7. editH5p.png
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        8. filltheblanks.h5p
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        9. findthewords.h5p
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