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CLONE - A teacher can choose a grading scale for rating glossary entries and can restrict rating to within certain dates


      This test requires a glossary in which several students have added entries.

      1. Log in as a teacher, update the glossary, set an aggregate type such as 'Average of ratings' and select a scale (either point or scale type).
      2. Check that entries can be given a rating from the selected grading scale.
      3. Check that the course gradebook includes a column for the glossary ratings and that any ratings given appear in the gradebook (bearing in mind the aggregate type if more than one entry is rated for a particular student).
      4. Update the glossary again and tick the box to restrict ratings to items with dates within a particular range.
      5. Set dates so that only some of the glossary entries fall in the range.
      6. Check that only entries within the range of dates can be given a rating.

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