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CLONE - A teacher can import questions in a choice of formats


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      1. Log in as a teacher and go to the question bank in a course.
      2. Download the attached files and try importing the questions in GIFT format and Moodle XML format.
      3. Verify that both files import without any errors and that the questions are imported correctly.
      4. Try importing a wrong file type (e.g. XML instead of GIFT) and verify that a message is displayed explaining that the type of file selected doesn't match the type expected by the import format.

        1. quiz-features_demo-20190606-1905_gift_format.txt
          0.8 kB
          Helen Foster
        2. quiz-features_demo-20190606-1906_moodle_xml.xml
          3 kB
          Helen Foster
        3. step2-gift.png
          52 kB
          Clement Prudhomme
        4. Step2-xml.png
          52 kB
          Clement Prudhomme
        5. step3-gift.png
          30 kB
          Clement Prudhomme
        6. Step3-xml.png
          30 kB
          Clement Prudhomme
        7. step4.png
          67 kB
          Clement Prudhomme

            c.prudhomme Clement Prudhomme
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