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CLONE - An administrator can register a site


      This test requires a newly installed site with unique public URL (for example use ngrok.com to make local site available).

      1. Install a new site and enter information about the admin user and front page.
      2. Verify that you are redirected to the Registration page and a message 'Complete your registration' is displayed.
      3. Complete the form, entering more than one email address and register.
      4. Verify that the confirmation page is displayed.
      5. Verify that you have received emails saying that you have been added to the security and communications mailing lists.
      6. Go to Registration in the Site administration.
      7. Verify that there is a message saying that your site is registered and that all information entered in step 1 is filled in correctly.
      8. Try updating your registration and verify that it was successful.
      9. Go to Scheduled tasks in the Site administration, find the 'Site registration' scheduled task and click the 'Run now' link.
      10. Verify that the task completes without any errors.
      11. Using the Moodle.com contact form, complete details about your registration with your site URL and this issue number and ask them to check that your site is indeed registered, with emails added to the security and communications mailing lists.
      12. Go to Registration in the Site administration and click the Unregister button at the bottom of the page.
      13. Use theĀ Moodle.com contact form again and ask them to check that your site is no longer registered.

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