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CLONE - A group may be given a description and a picture


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    • Moodle 3.11
    • Moodle 3.11
    • Groups, Teacher
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      This test requires a course containing several students, and group mode set to visible groups in the course settings.

      1. Log in as a teacher, access the course and follow the groups link in the course administration settings.
      2. Click the 'Create group' button and add a group name, description, upload a picture and save the changes.
      3. Add at least one student to the group.
      4. Go to the Participants page and click on the name of a student in the group.
      5. Verify that the group is listed in the student's course profile.
      6. Click on the name of the group.
      7. Verify that the group name, description and picture is displayed on the group page and group members are listed below.

        1. clickableprofile.png
          19 kB
          Mary Cooch
        2. image-2021-04-12-14-24-12-585.png
          38 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        3. image-2021-04-12-14-24-44-924.png
          44 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        4. image-2021-04-12-14-26-07-999.png
          22 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        5. image-2021-04-12-14-28-17-045.png
          52 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        6. image-2021-04-12-14-30-30-246.png
          14 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        7. image-2021-04-12-14-31-11-812.png
          15 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        8. image-2021-04-12-14-35-56-738.png
          57 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        9. image-2021-04-12-14-36-48-929.png
          8 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        10. image-2021-04-19-22-49-34-199.png
          28 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        11. image-2021-04-19-22-53-01-225.png
          4 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        12. image-2021-04-19-22-53-22-459.png
          9 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        13. image-2021-04-19-23-09-01-539.png
          3 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        14. image-2021-04-19-23-09-34-046.png
          2 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        15. image-2021-04-19-23-13-16-709.png
          24 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti
        16. image-2021-04-19-23-37-42-669.png
          31 kB
          Luiggi Sansonetti

            lsansone Luiggi Sansonetti
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