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CLONE - A teacher can add a grade item to a category and hide / unhide it




      For this test, while not necessary, it is helpful to have two browsers (e.g. Firefox and IE) or two computers so you can use Moodle as two separate users - one teacher and one student.

      Required: a course containing two or more grade items containing marks for at least one student. You'll need enough marks to get a course total for the student. Using overridden grades is okay for this test. You may want to override the student's grades with grades to make manual verification of aggregated grades easy - three grade items with grades of 1, 5 and 10 for example.

      1. As the teacher, view the Categories and items page under Setup in the Grade administration for the course.
      2. Click the "Add category" button at the bottom of the page. Give your category a name and click save.
      3. Click the move icon (and up and down arrow) for a grade item. Click the box within your category to place the grade item within the category.
      4. As the student view the user report and verify that you can see the category and the grade item within it. Make a note of the course total.
      5. As the teacher click the eye icon for the category to hide the category. Verify that both the category and grade item within the category are hidden (show the closed eye icon).
      6. As the student refresh the user report and verify that both the category and the grade item within the category have been hidden. Verify that the course total has also been hidden.
      7. As the teacher un-hide the category by clicking the closed eye icon. Verify that both the category and the grade item in it are made visible.
      8. Add a second grade item to your category.
      9. As the student refresh the user report. Verify that the category and grade items are displayed correctly.
      10. Verify that the student's course total has changed. Its new value should reflect that the two grade items are being aggregated into a single grade for the category then that category is being aggregated with any other grade items.


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