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CLONE - A teacher can set a quiz with certainty-based marking



    • Functional Test
    • Critical
    • Moodle 3.11
    • Moodle 3.11
    • Quiz, Student, Teacher
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      This test requires a quiz containing several questions.

      1. Login as a teacher, edit the settings for the quiz and set how questions behave to 'Immediate feedback with CBM'.
      2. Login as a student and attempt the quiz.
      3. Try clicking the check button without answering the question 'How certain are you?' and check that you are prompted to enter a certainty.
      4. Answer some questions correctly and some wrongly and try each of the 'How certain are you?' options.
      5. Check that the adjusted scores make sense.
      6. Login as the teacher again and preview the quiz.
      7. Check that everything appears the same as for the student.


        1. 03b I am prompted to select a certainty and an answer.png
          188 kB
          Fabián Glagovsky
        2. 03 certainty instructions.png
          193 kB
          Fabián Glagovsky
        3. 04a answered without choosing a certainty.png
          185 kB
          Fabián Glagovsky
        4. 04b after choosing a certainty.png
          189 kB
          Fabián Glagovsky
        5. 04c certainty 2 wrong answer.png
          195 kB
          Fabián Glagovsky
        6. 04d certainty 2 correct answer.png
          193 kB
          Fabián Glagovsky
        7. 04e certainty 3 correct answer.png
          193 kB
          Fabián Glagovsky
        8. 04f tips for certainty are confusing with % showed.png
          191 kB
          Fabián Glagovsky
        9. 05 certainty 1 correct answer.png
          188 kB
          Fabián Glagovsky
        10. 06 certainty 1 correct answer true false.png
          193 kB
          Fabián Glagovsky
        11. 07 certainty 1 wrong answer.png
          188 kB
          Fabián Glagovsky
        12. 08 adjusted scores.png
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          Fabián Glagovsky
        13. 09 scores.png
          234 kB
          Fabián Glagovsky
        14. 10 Teacher view.png
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          Fabián Glagovsky



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