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CLONE - A teacher can create, edit and preview a numerical question


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      1. Login as a teacher and go to the question bank in a course.
      2. Click the 'Create a new question' box and select numerical.
      3. Complete the form by typing some text into every box and including an image in the question text and general feedback.
      4. Enter numerical values for two answers and accepted errors.
      5. Give one answer a grade of 100%.
      6. For 'Unit handling' select 'Units are not used at all.'
      7. Click the 'Save changes' button.
      8. Edit the question, and make sure all the boxes contain the correct text and images.
      9. Click the 'Save changes' button.
      10. Preview the question, checking that everything is displayed correctly, and that your responses are graded correctly with a range of behaviours.

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