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CLONE - This version upgrades without errors from the previous version


      1. Install the previous stable version of Moodle (latest stable release on the previous branch).
      2. Set the debugging level to DEVELOPER. Make sure you can see errors (display them on screen or monitor the error log).
      3. Set it up with some courses, users and content. Using the 'Make test course' feature in the Site administration is a quick way to achieve this.
      4. Upgrade the code to this current version of Moodle you are testing.
      5. Visit /admin and go through the upgrade process.
      6. On the page that lists the plugins to be upgraded, confirm that there are no "Missing from disk" plugins.
      7. Verify that the upgrade process completes without any errors.
      8. Repeat above steps after defining `$CFG->upgradekey` in the config.php. Make sure that when you attempt to upgrade the site via the web UI, the user must provide the valid upgradekey value. The non-admin user should have no access to any information regarding the site and/or plugins versions.

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