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CLONE - A student can submit their incomplete attempt after the quiz is closed within the submission grace period



    • Functional Test
    • Minor
    • Moodle 3.11
    • Moodle 3.11
    • Quiz, Student, Teacher
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      1. Log in as a teacher, go to a course, turn editing on and add a quiz.
      2. Set 'Close the quiz' to today's date with time say 10 minutes from now.
      3. Set 'Time limit' to longer than the close time, say 20 minutes.
      4. Set 'When time expires' to 'There is a grace period when open attempts can be submitted, but no more questions answered'.
      5. Set 'Submission grace period' to quite a bit longer, say 1 day.
      6. Leave all other settings as default, scroll to the bottom of the page and save changes.
      7. Add at least 3 questions to the quiz.
      8. Log in as a student, start a quiz attempt and answer some but not all of the questions.
      9. Click the button 'Finish attempt' but do NOT click 'Submit all and finish'.
      10. Log out and wait until the quiz is closed (time as specified in step 2) but the time limit has not.
      11. Log in as a teacher and view the student's attempt.
      12. Check that it is shown with state 'Overdue'.
      13. Log out then log in as the student again and click the 'Continue the last attempt' button.
      14. Check that you can submit your attempt but not answer any more questions.
      15. Click the 'Submit all and finish' button and check that your grade is saved.


        1. 09 finish attempt and then logged out.png
          09 finish attempt and then logged out.png
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        2. 12a quiz closed.png
          12a quiz closed.png
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        3. 12b quiz in progress.png
          12b quiz in progress.png
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        4. 12c settings of the quiz.png
          12c settings of the quiz.png
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        5. editing-quiz-google-chrome-2021-04-22-10-00-37_qLDVjoop.mp4
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        6. qa01 before log out.png
          qa01 before log out.png
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        7. qa02 correct, shows overdue.png
          qa02 correct, shows overdue.png
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        8. qa14 verified.png
          qa14 verified.png
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        9. qa15b verified.png
          qa15b verified.png
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        10. qa15 verified.png
          qa15 verified.png
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