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CLONE - A teacher can efficiently reorder a large quiz


      This test requires a quiz activity with no attempts and which has a large number of questions.

      1. Log in as the teacher and go to the Edit quiz screen.
      2. Click the Repaginate button, select a number and click Go.
      3. Verify that the questions are listed with page breaks as expected.
      4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, selecting a different number and also unlimited.
      5. Use the icons on the left to add and remove page breaks.
      6. Verify that the page breaks are added and removed as expected.
      7. Use the crosshairs icon to drag and drop a few questions to different pages. Try your best to break it: move already placed items, drag items over the top of other items, click and drag lots of times quickly etc.
      8. Preview the quiz and verify that the questions are in the correct order and on the correct pages.

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