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CLONE - In a folder resource a file can be added to the folder after creation using File Picker.


      Test Pre-requisites:

      • A folder resource.

      Test Steps:

      1. Login as a teacher. Navigate to the folder resource and click 'Edit'. Verify that the File manager form element is displayed onscreen.
      2. Click "Create folder" and verify that folder is created.
      3. Click folder created above and click "Create folder" again and verify a new folder is created.
      4. Click folder icon which was last created and click 'Add' and verify that the file picker is launched.
      5. Select 'Upload a file', choose a file to upload and upload it.
      6. Click 'Save changes' and verify that the files have been uploaded.
      7. Edit Folder resource and check "Show subfolders expanded"
      8. View folder resource and make sure folder view is expanded
      9. Edit Folder resource and uncheck "Show subfolders expanded"
      10. View folder resource and make sure folder is collapsed and by clicking you can expand it.
      11. Download the file to verify that the file link has been created properly.
      12. Login as a Student and download the file, then verify that the file is correct.

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