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CLONE - Backup/Restore of groups with ID number permission


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      Test Pre-requisites:

      Create Test Data

      1. As an admin, create a new course
      2. Create 4 new groups with those corresponding values:

      You will need to click on the 'Show advanced' button to set the Group ID number.

      Group name Group ID number
      group-id-1 group-id-1
      group-id-2 group-id-2

      6. Back on the groups page, click on the tab 'Groupings'
      7. Create 4 new groupings

      Grouping name Grouping ID number
      grouping-id-1 grouping-id-1
      grouping-id-2 grouping-id-2

      Test steps:

      1. Navigate to Settings -> Course administration -> Backup
      2. Backup the course making sure you select 'User data' and set the filename to 'test_id_number.mbz'
      3. As an admin, navigate to Settings -> Course administration -> Users -> Groups
      4. Delete 'group-id-1' and 'group-noid-1'
      5. Switch to 'Groupings' and delete 'grouping-id-1' and 'groupind-noid-1'
      6. Navigate to Settings -> Course administration -> Restore
      7. Select 'Restore' for 'test_id_number.mbz'. Click continue.
      8. Restore using the button 'Continue' under 'Restore into this course' with 'Merge the backup course into this course' selected.
      9. Confirm that the groups and groupings have been created
      10. Confirm that 'group-id-1' and 'grouping-id-1' have a corresponding ID number
      11. Confirm that 'group-noid-1' and 'grouping-noid-1' don't have an ID number

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