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CLONE - Upgrade test from previous version of Moodle on Oracle with Apache




      Test Pre-requisites:

      • This test must be executed on Moodle hosted on Apache with an Oracle database.
      • An instance of the previous version of Moodle with the following:
        • At least one course.
        • At least one teacher enrolled in that course.
        • At least one student enrolled in that course.
        • At least one manager enrolled in that course.
        • The course has at least one of each activity and resource. With:
          • posts on a forum,
          • completed an assignments,
          • completed a quizzes.

      Test Steps:

      1. Upgrade Moodle to the latest version.
      2. Access the course as each role and verify:
        • permissions are correct.
        • layout and any data is correct and can be accessed.
      3. As the teacher add one of each activity and resource to the course created above.
      4. As one of the students access each activity and resource:
        • post on a forum,
        • complete an activity,
        • complete a quiz.
      5. As the teacher grade any completed activities.

      NOTE: Upgrade with both CLI and web.


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