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CLONE - A student can submit or edit a group assignment with "Require all group members submit" enabled




      This test requires a course set to group mode (visible or separate) and with two students in a group.

      1.Log in to a course as a teacher and create an assignment with the following settings:
      • Require students to click submit button = Yes
      • Students submit in groups = Yes
      • Require all group members submit = Yes
      • Online text = Yes
      • Enable file submissions = Yes
      • Max number of uploaded files = 1
      • Group mode = Separate or visible

      2. Log in as student 1 and navigate to the assignment
      3. Verify you see your group name but not the names of other students
      4. Click "Add submission" ; add text, upload a file and save changes
      5. Verify that the Submission status says "Draft" and Student 1 and Student 2 are now shown as needing to submit
      6. Click the "submit assignment" button.
      7. Log in as Student 2 and navigate to the assignment
      8. Verify that the submission status is still "Draft" but only only Student 2 (you) is shown as needing to submit
      9. Edit the text; delete and replace the uploaded file and click "Submit assignment"
      10. Verify that the Submission status has now changed to "Submitted for grading"


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