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In Internet Explorer 8 the show/hide activity/resource icon functions correctly.


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      Test Pre-requisites:

      • The Internet Explorer 8 web browser must be used for this test.
      • Any course in Moodle where the teacher has set course Format to 'Weeks' and the teacher has added at least two activities.
      • Course administration > Course layout is set to "Show all sections in one page".

      Test Steps:
      1. Login as teacher and navigate to the Course page then turn editing on.
      2. Toggle the Show/Hide icon once on one activity and confirm that it is now dimmed and the 'Show' icon is now visible.
      3. Toggle it twice on another confirm that it dims, then undims and that the 'Hide' icon is now visible again.
      4. Toggle it three times on a third activity confirm that it dims, undims, and then dims again and that you got a sequence of 'Show', then 'Hide', and then back to 'Show'.
      5. Refresh the page confirm that your changes are preserved.
      6. Navigate to a new browser tab and access the page. Verify that your changes have been preserved.
      7. Navigate to a new browser window and access the page. Verify that your changes have been preserved.
      8. Login as a student and verify that the correct activities are hidden and shown.

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